Copy Protection and Rights Management (DRM) for Video

Copy Protection and Rights Management (DRM) for Video

CopySafe Video provides everything that is needed for the encryption and distribution of copy protected video files both online and offline including:

  • Video converter to encrypt ASF, AVI, MP4 and WMF video files.
  • Desktop video player that plays encrypted video from file or disk.
  • Browser plugins for all popular web browsers to play video from web pages.
  • Stream server to broadcast encrypted video from a Windows web server.
  • Optional DRM control as a hosted service or software for user management.

CopySafe Video Encoder

The CopySafe Video Encoder can be used to convert single video files into a proprietary H264 format. H264 is the latest video compression format that does not compromise quality even at greatly reduced file sizes. For example, a 300 MB ASF video, which is already optimized for quality/size, can be further reduced in file size to about 200 MB without any loss in quality. Flash files are not supported, since a Flash video is usually the result of conversion from a higher quality AVI or MP4 original.

The CopySafe Video Encoder will import and encrypt most types of video files for display in the CopySafe Video Player and browser plugin, with the following output options:

  • Copy protected for general distribution by email, download or on disk.
  • Copy protected with DRM for distribution by email, download or on disk.
  • Copy protected for online viewing from a web page.
  • Copy protected for online viewing from a web page using domain lock.

CopySafe Video provides DRM protection for both online and offline viewing. When DRM is used, the Media Player will automatically check the user's status at the DRM Portal if one is authorized to view the video. However, if an Internet connection cannot be found or if the user is offline, then the Media Player will check its registry for imported certificate files.

Secure Video Media Player

The CopySafe Video Player has similar features to the Windows Media Player, except that it is more simplified and is also a lot easier to understand. It is the only media player capable of decoding our proprietary H264 files and is also the only one that will play from local files on disk or from our stream server.

Secure Video Browser Plugins

Plugin versions of the media player are available for all popular web browsers to enable users to play your copy protected video from your web pages. The plugins display what looks like the desktop player with the same controls for pause, resume and sound level. The browser plugins can play from static files that are stored on the website or from the stream server, which can be hosted on nay Windows server.

Media Player Distribution

The media player and plugins are a free download to the public, and their installers can be distributed with your videos by download, from your website or on disk.

  • All-in-one installer for desktop media player and plugins.
  • Installer for desktop media player only.
  • Separate plugin installers for Internet Explorer and Mozilla web browsers.
  • One installer for all web browsers (includes both plugins)

Both the player and plugins are free of any obvious branding so custom branding for your project will not be a concern. In any case, branding for security applications is never recommended. Any protection solution that is offering custom branding for security applications, especially those that require the blessing of Windows and anti-virus software, are more interested in making a sale than providing a product that will not damage your credibility.

Copy Protection & DRM Options

Video can be converted by the CopySafe Video Encoder for copy protection with or without DRM. For DRM distributions independent of the Internet for DRM, videos can be distributed with special certificates. This enables offline viewing without an Internet connection.

CopySafe Video Licensing

The media player installer, along with the browser plugins, is a free download to the public. However, the suite of tools for the creation and publishing of your protected video requires a one-time license fee to be paid. It is a royalty-free license for use on a single computer to create copy protected movies. Multiple licenses for additional computers within an organization can be purchased at discount prices.

For more information, pricing and trial software, please visit the parent site for Video Protection.

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