Copy and Print Protection to Secure PDF Documents and eBooks

Copy and Print Protection to Secure PDF Documents and eBooks

CopySafe PDF is by far the most secure solution for eBooks and PDF documents. With the most effective protection from all methods of copy and capture, plus total control management over your readers, you now have the perfect tool for protecting mission critical data and your livelihood.

  • Prevent all copy including screenshots by Print Screen and screen capture.
  • Prevent forwarding to other people and unauthorized distribution.
  • Set password protection that cannot be exploited or extracted.
  • Set expiry dates that cannot be exploited by turning back a computer clock.
  • Set expiration by days or hours, starting from the first time opened.
  • Prevent printing altogether or allow only a limited number of prints.
  • Limit the number of views per user.
  • Distribute copy protected PDF by email, download or on disk.
  • Display copy protected PDF on your web pages. -
  • Total control with immediate effect even on documents already downloaded.

CopySafe PDF provides the most secure PDF protection with a sophisticated selection of options to cater for all usage scenarios. In fact, when comparing CopySafe PDF to other "PDF protection", one will wonder why they bother mentioning "copy protection" at all when theirs is only superficial.

More Robust PDF Security

The key to the integrity of the CopySafe PDF protection is the nature of its design. Not only are the most secure encryption techniques employed, but all components including the reader, the copy protector, the document file format and the access validation processes have been specially designed to leave nothing to exploit.

Superior PDF Protection

The CopySafe solution has provided the most secure copy protection since its introduction in 1998. To date, no attempt to imitate it has even come close to matching its complete control over all copy and save techniques including Print Screen and screen capture. Other apps claiming to be capable of preventing capture can only ever be an embarrassment because they are not preventing capture at all. Instead, they are trying to prevent a named application from running and all it takes is a new name, and anyone can change the name of an executable.

Protect documents by setting a password (password protection)

Perhaps the most popular document protection technique is password protection. Trafficking in password-protected documents requires trust in the recipient to not redistribute them. This kind of protection will only be effective if the password is not compromised and this can be useful in curbing unauthorized use. Today, there are many applications available on the Internet for extracting passwords from documents. However, they are useless against CopySafe PDF documents.

Protect documents by setting an expiry date (expiry protection)

Another popular document protection technique is to set an expiry date, after which the document cannot be opened. A simple method of exploiting this technique is by turning back the computer's clock, and as most document expiration is based on local time (the user's computer clock) a better technique is by using an independent time check such as an online time server. CopySafe PDF enables the choice of using either time server checks or local time checks (in case users in the field have no Internet access).

Protect documents by setting the number of days or hours (expiry protection)

Instead of setting expiration by calendar date, you can set documents to expire in a number of days or hours, starting from the time that the user first opens the document. This option is most useful for distributing documents on disk, enabling their expiration to sleep until the user first opens it, which can be any time in the future. Both expiration by days and hours is calculated to the minute. For example, a document with an expiry set for 3 hours, when first opened at 1:45 pm will expire at 4:45 pm. Note that to use this feature the document needs to be converted for DRM control (not just copy protection) and has no effect on documents until they are closed.

Prevent printing or set a print limit on documents (print protection)

With CopySafe PDF you can nominate whether a user is allowed to print your document or not. When printing is disallowed, they will never be able to print it, and when printing is allowed, they are restricted to using real printers only. That is, a printer physically-connected to the computer and thus not a virtual printer like a PDF plugin to be able to re-create your original. By using our DRM options, you have even more precise control over print protection to be able to set limits per document and per user. For example, if you only want each user to be able to print a particular document once, then one visit to the printer is all they get.

Preventing forwarding and unauthorized distribution (rights protection)

The only way to prevent the unauthorized use of documents is by employing document rights management (DRM) and the only way to employ DRM that cannot be exploited is by using ArtistScope DRM. ArtistScope provides free DRM support for all licensed users of CopySafe PDF via their servers located in Australia and the U.S.A.

Total control over document management (super DRM)

DRM for your documents is FREE and it provides total control over all user and document properties. Imagine finding out that a user purchased your tutorial using a stolen credit card or bounced a check. With ArtistScope DRM, you can suspend their access to your documents with immediate effect, even on documents that they may have already downloaded.

CopySafe PDF Reader

The CopySafe PDF Reader is a FREE download to the public. The reader supports most of the features commonly found in all other PDF readers including page resizing, image zoom, auto-scrolling, bookmarks, hyperlinks and the most effective copy protection and access rights management options. The CopySafe PDF Reader can be redistributed with your project as a download for your website or on disk with your documents.

For more information, pricing, trial software and demo DRM account to explore, please visit the parent site for PDF Protection.

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