Digital Rights Management (DRM) for Documents and eBooks

Digital Rights Management (DRM) for Documents and eBooks

ArtistScope DRM provides total control management of user rights to access eBooks and documents and empowers authors to have the right to control which users have access to their eBooks and documents, how and for how long.

  • Restrict the right to open a document to specific individuals.
  • Manage user access rights to protected documents and group.
  • Manage documents assigned to individual users or applied to groups.
  • Total control over all aspects with immediate effect for any changes.
  • Set expiration by calendar date using local computer time or by time server.
  • Set expiry by days or hours starting from a user's first read.
  • Allow or limit the number of views by a user or group.
  • Allow or limit the number of prints by a user or group.
  • Allow or limit access by IP number or network.
  • Prevent unauthorized sharing and forwarding.
  • Distribute documents by email, download or on disk that cannot be shared.

Unauthorized users cannot open these documents, thus making ArtistScope DRM the best defense from unauthorized sharing and forwarding. If anyone sends copies of the file to other people, the document will be useless to them unless they also have the same access rights that are granted by the author.

This means that by using ArtistScope DRM, you can distribute eBooks or send a document to a client and maintain complete control while it is out in the wild and you can stop it from being viewed at any time. You can also decide and control whether it can be printed or how many times a visitor can print copies of your document. In addition, you can set the time it will take for it to be available for viewing, as well as who can open the document. Any changes that you make in your Control panel will take immediate effect, even on documents that have previously been stored on CD or have already been downloaded to the user's computer. Even if a client or user reneges on their agreement or payment, or if a document gets posted to a public website, you can easily revoke the permissions of that user or disable the document.

All authors have total control and access to the following features:

  • Create and manage their groups and subscribers with total control.
  • Manage permissions on their documents with immediate effect on any changes.
  • Send newsletters to groups and select subscribers with documents attached.
  • Manage document deliveries to subscribers from online sales of their eBooks.
  • Full reports and statistics of subscribers, document usage and activity.

Aside from all the functions that are available to authors, the Administrator can:

  • Control over general security policy applied to Authors and subscribers.
  • Access to and total control over all groups documents and subscribers.
  • Ability to set restrictions and allowances for network access.
  • The option to enforce billing on subscriptions and select account types.
  • Edit the templates used for common email and subscription functions.
  • Viewing and management rights to clear the statistics for all accounts.

Any document can be converted to PDF and managed by ArtistScope DRM with total control over all user and document aspects including the right to print, how many prints, who can open the document and when. Our DRM ensures that only those persons with your permission can open your document or eBook and you can change those permissions at any time with immediate effect, even for documents already saved to the user's computer.

ArtistScope DRM software can be rented as a hosted service or purchased for installation on your own server for corporate or intranet use.

For more information, pricing, trial software and demo DRM account to explore, please visit the parent site for DRM PDF Security.

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