About ArtistScope Copy Protection and DRM Software

About ArtistScope Copy Protection and DRM Software

About ArtistScope

ArtistScope provides copy protection solutions to those who need to protect their intellectual and confidential property. ArtistScope is an Australian company that was founded in 1998 by a team of artists who recognized the need for copy protection, but finding nothing at all available, embarked on research and development looking for solutions.

Over the years, our Company and our methods have evolved to adapt to the ever-changing copy protection landscape. As more and more people found new ways to steal the works of others, our Company has always been the first to find new answers to these exploits.

What ArtistScope Does?

People always risk getting their work stolen, once uploaded over the internet. However, it is just as important to communicate to their clients and be actually visible and this is why many are conflicted about doing business online. Opening up your business and services to clients over the internet can open a whole lot of opportunities for you as artists, writers, designers and movie producers, among others. Before getting disenchanted from doing business on the internet and risking your work to pirates, choose from any of our products and services because you just might find the one or combination of solutions that best suit your needs.

Our solutions will protect your online documents, PDFs, images, videos, Ebooks, web content, and links and will make it highly difficult even for seasoned hackers to penetrate your defense. ArtistScope even offers a solution that can help you manage and take control of your audience, allowing or restricting them from viewing and printing select pages.

Why Choose ArtistScope?

ArtistScope is the pioneer of copy protection and has always provided solutions that have been the most secure and the most robust. Since 1998, a lot of copy cats have emerged claiming to be leading developers in this industry and inundating web advertising with their claims only to face the harsh reality that investors, especially the public share sector, has seen it all before. Add to that the ever changing Internet environment and you have a recipe for disaster. So only those who are dedicated, innovative and can roll out updates quickly have survived. For most a change in Windows platform was the end.

ArtistScope provides the most comprehensive range of tools to cater for the protection of all media and continues to develop new solutions that competitors have yet to dream about. For more information on our different copy protection solutions, please contact us for a FREE consultation.

How To Contact ArtistScope

Email is best because no-one can show anything by phone. Also, our team can provide support in any language providing it is written. This way you can provide links to your site and examples of your requirements, and we can provide pictures and examples.

ArtistScope does not employ outsourced help desk personnel, so all enquiries are anwered by key staff who are the most expert in copy protection for web applications today. So please try to describe your requirements in detail, including usage scenarios, for us to give the best advice.

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